Tanqueray Ten 750ML

Tanqueray Ten 750ML

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Exceptionally smooth and fresh tasting gin. Named after the number of the still (No. 10)åÊin which it is made, the superior taste is the result of its ingredients. These include whole fruitåÊbotanicalsåÊsuch as fresh white grapefruits from Florida, whole limes from Mexico along withåÊjuniper,åÊcorianderåÊand chamomile (there are also otheråÊbotanicals).

Tanqueray No. TENåÊis handcrafted in small batches using their unique quadruple distillation process, with the heart of the gin createdåÊin theåÊaffectionatelyåÊnamed ‰Û÷Tiny Ten‰Ûª still.

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