Sharecroppers Pinot Noir

Sharecroppers Pinot Noir

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THE STORYåÊDuring the economic recession of 2001, and Owen Roe‰ÛªsåÊfirst couple vintages as a winery, Washington growers wereåÊfacing hardship in selling their fruit, come harvest time.åÊAt Owen Roe, we wanted to help our farming friends andåÊprevent missing out on such well-tended, beautiful fruit.åÊWe were presented with the difficult and costly purchasingåÊof grapes to process,åÊcellaråÊand bottle,åÊwaitingåÊseveralåÊmonths to recover ouråÊcostsåÊon theåÊfinishedåÊwine.åÊ

To overcome this obstacle, we decided to bring back theåÊhistorical business practice of sharecropping, resulting inåÊthe aptly named wine, ‰ÛÏSharecropper‰Ûªs.‰Û This partnershipåÊmeant that Owen Roe would take the fruit, make the wineåÊand once it was sold, share the profits with our growers.åÊThis remains an important part of our history and dueåÊto the success of this wine; we are now able to payåÊouråÊgrowers upfront.

TASTING NOTESåÊAnother vibrant and lively Pinot Noir for Sharecropper‰Ûªs! This wine is ready to open up and enjoy now, exuding the flavors and aromas of an unusually hot Oregon harvest. Bing cherry, rose petals and pomegranate aromas burst in the glass, with hints of baking spice and forest floor. The palate is elegant with continuous flavors of cherry and olive notes. Mild tannins and mouthwatering åÊacidity are focused with a subtle compliment of toast and cinnamon to round out the long finish.åÊ

APPELLATIONåÊWillamette Valley


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