Wine Tasting


Cambridge Wines, Wine Shop offers a number of different wine tastings in a number of different settings:

Come to us!

Cambridge Wines dedicates a section of its store strictly for wine tastings and wine classes. With a beautiful tasting bar, surrounded by wines from all over the world, our knowledgeable staff will lead you on a tasting customized to your liking.

Or we can come to you!

Cambridge wines will send one of our knowledgeable staff members to your home or office. If you choose, we can pair our wine tasting at your favorite restaurants, or a local restaurant in Morristown, NJ.

Tastings outside the store vicinity are conducted in a variety of ways. They are as follows:

Wine Class – Guests are seated during this classic style that allows for an emphasis on wine education. Perfect for any group size.

Cocktail Party – A more festive style that maximizes socializing while education of the wine will still be emphasized.

Wine Stations – Several sections or tables are set up around the space, each serving a different wine. This set-up allows guests to try the wines at their own pace and for a great deal of interaction between your guests and our Cambridge experts.

Wine Dinners – Cambridge conducts sommelier-led multi course wine dinners at local BYOB restaurants. Set up a wine tasting at your favorite BYOB restaurant in Morristown; enjoy the food you love with a wine pairing for each course created by Cambridge Experts. There is a minimum of six people per class for tastings. Each event is 2 hour long.