Punta Pays Malbec

Punta Pays Malbec

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Producer Punta Pays
Country Argentina
Region Mendoza
Varietal Malbec



Owned and operated by Eduardo Lapania, who works with winemaker Juan Bruzzone, Pie de Palo hand-harvests its grapes in baskets of 15 kg (33 lb), which are later carefully transported to the winery. Once in the winery, they carry out a strict selection of the best grapes.

The winery is under the banner of Don Cristóbal 1492 that was established in 1998. Don Cristóbal 1492 has a total of 200 hectares of vineyards, which are exclusively dedicated to the elaboration of international top quality wines. At the moment, they have 125 hectares of planted vineyards, divided in four estates: Finca La Niña, Finca La Pinta, Finca El Remanso, Finca La Santa María. All located close to Mendoza City.

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