Phelan Segur 2014

Phelan Segur 2014

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50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot

The Grand Vin of Ch̢teau Ph̩lan S̩gur comes from this magnificent terroir of Saint-Est̬phe where power dominates. Strengthened by its origins, Ch̢teau Ph̩lan S̩gur has created its identity based on elegance and finesse. With a certain restraint and great precision, it reveals the purity of the fruit, the accuracy of its structure, the silkiness of its tannins, all with a natural freshness. After long ageing, it reveals a bouquet of a rare complexity, the oak harmoniously integrated. This subtle and authentic balance creates an intense emotion. Ch̢teau Ph̩lan S̩gur is known for its potential to age over several decades. An old vintage opens new aromatic horizons with an unexpected richness: the warmth of spices, the generosity of ripe fruits and the nobility of leather. Its texture is refined, its power is calmed. This fullness is a testimony to the passage of time and this blossoming is the reward of astute patience. Exceptional vintages born of the generosity of Nature transcended by the talent of man. Beyond these undisputed landmarks, there are vintages dear to the Gardinier family and the team at the Ch̢teau. They are witnesses to the life of the property and the expression of great emotions.

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