Pessoa Touriga Nacional Douro

Pessoa Touriga Nacional Douro

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Wines of Portugal

Pessoa de Vinha Vineyard

About the region: Because Portugal's wine culture developed in relative isolation, there are many grape varieties that do not grow anywhere else in the world. So, if you don't recognize the grape variety on a Portuguese wine label,
it's a good thing. To many wine experts, Portugal is the last frontier of wine in Western Europe because there is still so much to be tasted and explored. The
two most common wines imported from Portugal are Touriga National and Vinho Verde. Both wines this month are brand new to the states, you are the first to try. Enjoy!

 Pessoa de Vinha

Varietal-Touriga National

Nearly opaque dark bright dusty color. Bright, fruity, minerally toasty rustic aromas of black currants, molten plastic bitumen (tar), granitic minerality, and pink peppercorns with a lively, dry full body and a peppery, complex finish with firm, grippy tannins and moderate oak.Great substitute for cabernet. Pair with Mexican food!

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