Paul Blanck Classique Riesling

Paul Blanck Classique Riesling

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"Classic nose on the delicacy, mouth tracing and fine minerality in the final."

Bruno Bosselin - The Cave of Bobosse.åÊMay 2, 2017


"Nice wine now & have fun to eat as and 2 to 3 good years and more, and to marry very easily with many entries & buffets, cocktails lawyer shrimp carpaccio or cebiche ... poached trout with Riesling.åÊ
åÊServe cool T å¡: 8 å¡ C but not too cold.


Sands and serious.åÊAround the village of Kientzheim.


The extraction of the juice is done with the maximum of care thanks to a pneumatic pressing.åÊThis slow pressing respects the grapes by avoiding the crushing of the stalks and dandruff. The fermentation of the musts starts spontaneously thanks to the indigenous yeasts present in the juice and lasts generally from 4 to 10 weeks.åÊIt takes place at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks, to promote the expression of the typical grape flavors.


Bright white color.åÊ
Nose of elderflower and granny-smith apple.åÊ
Beautiful texture and beautiful structure, finely beaded, salivating.åÊ
Finished stone fruit, orange zest citrus, almost spicy.

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