Dr. Lippold Riesling

Dr. Lippold Riesling

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Since centuries the "Würzgarten" has been considered as one of the best vineyard sites on the Mosel. In 1804, under the reign of Napoleon all vineyards in the French Empire were classified, including those on "La Moselle", then French territory.The parcel "Weltersberg", where the grapes for this wine originate from, was classified as a "Grand Cru" at par with the Grand Crus in Burgundy.

The nanoclimate of this vineyard is influenced by heat-storing rocks in the direct neighborhood granting extra hours per day of vegetation. The small sized berries are the fruits from genuine pre-phyloxera rootstock vines of an average age of 55 years with very low yield. The unique red slate soil adds minerals and creates a wealth of aromas of spices and fruits, predominantly ripe mango accompanied by peach, apricot, mint and petals on a backbone of minerality and ripe acidity.

Following three preselections the remaining grapes were harvested November 9, 2008. After cool, slow fermentation the young wine remained „sur lie“ with regular battonage until it was bottled July 15, 2009. In 2010 the first small batch was released. Typical for famed Mosel Rieslings, this wine will gain great complexity in the years to come with an expected shelf life at proper storage conditions until 2035.


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