Bonny Doon Merlot

Bonny Doon Merlot

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It would seem to be a cold day in climate chang̬d Santa Cruz that a Merlot would pass the portals of Bonny Doon Vineyard. And yet‰Û_ one must (as painful a proposition as this might be) remain open to the possibility that the The CÌ©page That Dare Not Speak Its Name might (gasp) be somehow not just bearable, but in fact, utterly delicious ‰ÛÒ soft, luscious and plush (not in a slatternly way), well structured, and even, dare I say, reasonably complex.åÊ

VARIETALåÊ100% Merlot
APPELLATIONåÊMonterey County
TAåÊ5.3 g/L
AGINGåÊDrinkable upon release (Oct. 2017), 3-5 years ageability

TASTING NOTESåÊGood, deep ruby color, with a lovely dusty aroma of fraise de bois, licorice and gingerbread, with the subtlest suggestion of garrigue de Provence; the ‰Ûª16 vintage is a bit more substantial in weight and persistence than the ‰Ûª15. Quite elegant on the palate when first opened, the wine continues to build in amplitude in the glass with more air. The Merlot has wonderful natural acidity (go figure!), medium tannins and great persistence.

FOOD PAIRING NOTESåÊThis would be an absolutely perfect wine with lamb and rosemary. Other ideas include pizza with Italian sausage, grilled steak with a Merlot reduction, and grilled vegetables.

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