Bonny Doon 'Beeswax Vineyard' Picpoul 2018

Bonny Doon 'Beeswax Vineyard' Picpoul 2018

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Country USA
Region Arroyo Seco, California
Varietal Picpoul
Vintage 2018
Notes Biodynamic


“Picpoul or “lip-stinger” is known, of course for its tingling acidity, but coupled with its singular savoriness, it creates a dramatic sensation on the palate. I know that it’s impossible to smell the sensation of saltiness, but the nose of our Picpoul is maritime, coupled with a discreet suggestion of peaches, wildflowers and the (we really can’t help it, but it’s in there) ubiquitous fragrance of beeswax. This wine is utterly brilliant with the briniest oysters you can find or Dungeness crab.

Impressively bracing natural acidity (no acidification was done), with echoes of the ocean. Beeswax Vineyard, in Arroyo Seco, is after all, only a hop, skip and jump away from the cool breezes of Carmel. Whether lips are literally stung by a “coup de picpoul” is open to debate, but lips are certainly known to smack at the ultra-savoriness of this unique grape variety.” –Randall Grahm

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