Summer Drinks: Great Seasonal Cocktails To Make The Most Of The Season

Summer Drinks: Great Seasonal Cocktails To Make The Most Of The Season

Summer is a great opportunity to relax, enjoy time with friends and family, and bask in the warmth and sun of the season. While the traditional barbecue event tends to attract the most attention, any gathering is a great time to share in community, food, and of course, celebratory drinks. The fun and laid-back vibe of the summer is a great opportunity to indulge in some old favorites or try some new cocktails. Here are some refreshing, delicious drinks for your next summer event.

White Wine - Another warm-weather favorite, white wine is best chilled, making it great for a summer celebration! Many white wines are rich in fruity flavors and vary in sweetness based on the type. Try adding an array of both dry and sweet white wines to your party spread.

Paloma - This crisp cocktail includes grapefruit, soda, tequila, and lime. Light on the palate with a slight kick from the grapefruit, these are a great option for sipping liquor without a huge amount of alcohol. Furthermore, tequila, in moderation, may have added health benefits not available in other hard liquors.

Sangria - A popular party drink, sangria is another cool, fruity cocktail that will refresh you and your guests. Originating in Spain, sangria is essentially a versatile wine punch. For those seeking a stronger variety, brandy can be added as well as other juices and fruit. Alternatively, sangria can be made lighter without added liquor.

Mojito - The mojito is a traditional Cuban delight that includes a mix of rum, limes, sugar, and mint. This fresh, tasty cocktail is easy to make and a definite crowd-pleaser, as well as being light on alcohol. Vodka can also be substituted for rum, resulting in a cocktail everyone will certainly enjoy through the heat of the day.

The drinks chosen are great for consumption through a long, hot day, as they will keep your refreshed with their delicious ingredients and lower alcohol content. Enjoy these awesome drinks as part of a safe, exciting summer!

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