Learn why these wines are Sandra's "Sexy Sips"

Learn why these wines are Sandra's "Sexy Sips"

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I’m a sucker for romance. Always have been. Always will be. I’m that person who can watch ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Love Actually’ on repeat and still cry each and every single time. I sobbed like a baby when Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big finally got together after years of torturing us…and the latest remake of ‘A Star is Born?!!’ Forget it – I needed a good week to compose myself after taking that one in!!


I guess you can say I was doomed from the start and got bit by the romance bug at an early age. When most little kids were running around watching Sesame Street and cartoons, I was transfixed to the speaker mesmerized by the arias of Puccini. How could something so beautiful be so damn tragic at the same time? Forbidden love, unrequited love, soul mates – whatever they were singing about, I was hooked.


With that all being said, I have a confession to make… Valentine’s Day is my least favorite day of the year!!!! It gives me major anxiety - similar to the anxiety you experience when trying to plan something epic for New Year’s Eve. Okay, I get it, there is a history/story with V Day and all, but still. On February 14th, I want no part of the cards, flowers, love songs, chocolate hearts, restaurant reservations… none of it.  By no means am I cynical when it comes to love. It’s actually quite the opposite. I want to celebrate romance each and every chance I get! (if that comment just made you nauseous , please refer back to my opening line ;)) Whatever I’m eating, drinking, watching, reading, listening to, playing on the piano or lecturing about- I do it with passion and with romance. Sounds corny as hell, but I seriously am incapable of being any other way!

Curious to know the wines I personally drink for dialing up the romance? Check out my top 3 sexy sips below!



Sandra xx



I love a good sparkle. Something about the pop of that cork makes me super happy and tingly all over! I associate romance with food, and bubbles are perhaps the most ideal pairing for virtually any meal – from popcorn, to caviar, to foie gras, sushi, fried chicken, French fries (anything fried for that matter!!), roasted pork AND let’s not forget some sexy strawberries or other super fun fresh desserts. Bubbles are ALWAYS the answer and the perfect way to set the right mood!


My current obsessions:

Julien Braud La Bulle de L’Ouest Pétillant Naturel - $23.99

Frederic Savart L’Ouverture NV- $50.99




Umm, skin contact. Need I say more?! I am ALL about skin contact wines (aka orange wines). From their gorgeous color, to the untamed aromatics that jump out of the glass and let’s not forget the intensity on the palate – I seriously can’t get enough. I absolutely love to decant these wines so they can properly spread their wings and fly wild and free. The sexiest thing about them? Watching people’s reaction as they experience their first sip. Try one. Thank me later.


My current obsessions:

Jolie Laide Trousseau Gris – $37.99

Scarbolo Il Ramato Pinot Grigio - $24.99



Ahhh, nebbiolo.  Hailing primarily from Italy’s Piemonte region, nebbiolo is this deceptively sexy grape that I am currently having a love affair with. In the glass, it is virtually translucent oozing aromas of cherry, roses, leather and tar. But take that first sip and bam! Bold tannins and super high acidity totally grab hold of you catching you completely off guard! Everything about this grape screams silky, sexy elegance. (kind of sounds like the ideal traits you would want in a lover, right?! ;) The quintessential nebbiolo pairing… truffles. What’s sexier than that?


My current obsessions:

Cascina Brusciata Langhe Nebbiolo Usignolo $23.99

Paolo Scavino Bric dël fiasco $78.99

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