Choosing the Perfect Wines for Valentine's Day

Choosing the Perfect Wines for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the romantic's day. For some couples, it means a delicious meal at a fancy restaurant. Others enjoy spending time alone in front of the fireplace. A lot of people turn the day into an adventure, with a hiking trip or picnic. However it is spent, most agree the right wine makes the day even more special.

The big question, how to choose the right wine? This isn't easy for some, there are too many wines to count. Every type of wine has its own unique qualities. Even within a type of wine, every brand offers something unique. There are some ways to make it easier to choose the right wine for a great Valentine's Day.

1) Some options for those who enjoy the sweeter tastes 

There are a number of sweeter wines. These go great alone. However they really excel when shared over a desert of fruit or berries.

  • Focus on wines that are light and bubbly. Many of the best options have tastes including sweet fruit like peaches or apricots. 
  • An example of this type is Petalo Moscato Spumante. This is light and sweet with a scent of roses.

2) The best for those who want to relax

These wines are made for slow sipping and relaxing. Enjoy types like these for a quiet evening enjoying the complex flavors. 

  • Many of these wines have tastes of cherries and plums. A lot are scented with vanilla and caramel.
  • A well balanced choice is Amberhill Secret Blend Red Wine. This complex taste includes plum, candied fruit, and black licorice.

3) There are choices for those who like to try different things. 

These types are best for the couples that enjoy trying new things and being surprised. They taste great and won't disappoint.

  • Many of these use have mixed tastes of fruits. Some are tastes that really shock fans of wine. 
  • Chocovine is a newcomer with a mixture of chocolate and red wine. Enjoy it over ice or on ice cream.

4) The classic red is still timeless

The red wine is a classic for a reason. It goes great with meals or simply enjoying each other's company. It is hard to go wrong with any wines like these.

  • Many red wines use chocolate and spices to make great tastes and aromas.
  • The Rare Find Cabernet red has the aroma of plums, vanilla and caramel. The taste is red berries with a light finish.

These are just a few examples. When choosing the right wine, it is important to consider your partner, the plans, and the desired experience. Whether it is something new and different, or going for an old classic, it is important to consider when choosing the right wine. Done right, it makes Valentine's Day even better.

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