14 Star Maple Breakfast Stout (4pk 16oz cans)

14 Star Maple Breakfast Stout (4pk 16oz cans)

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Style Coffee Stout
ABV 6.5%
Brewery 14th Star Brewing Co


Brewed for the first time in the winter of 2012/13, Maple Breakfast Stout brings together all of the things that we associate with cold, wintery mornings in Vermont.

The stout starts with a smooth malt backbone and very little hop bitterness, which is true to style (odd for one of our beers, I know!). A generous helping of oats in the malt bill adds mouthfeel while the chocolate and black patent malts contribute a bit of burnt toast and chocolate.

To this base we add 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup from right here in Franklin County and Honey from the French Hill Apiairy in St Albans. These sugars increase the alcohol content of the beer some, but also help provide some complexity to the malt sweetness, making this beer much more interesting to drink.

We use a flavor-neutral yeast for primary fermentation, as we didn’t want to impart any yeast character into this stout. After fermentation is complete and the beer is racked (moved) to the conditioning tank, we add cold-brewed Vermont coffee, accentuating the burnt toast and chocolate flavors from the malt with some roasted coffee flavors.

3 weeks or so after brewing, this beer is ready for the draft line or bottle. It pours a dark brown to black with a persistent tan head. A bit less creamy than beers utilizing nitrogen, our stout aims to capture the character of the original stouts and blend that character with modern flavor components.

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